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Each Kritter Kozee(TM) is made of warm, soft, colorful fleece, most with a whimsical print insert. Drawstrings, secured with cord locks, snug the Kozee to the size of your pet’s neck at the top and closes the bottom. A hook and loop tab helps to further restrain your pet’s legs. Loosen the ends to allow your pet to exit.

  • Gently restrains cats, puppies, small breed dogs, and other pets up to approximately 15 lbs.
  • Leaves your hands free to administer medications, clean ears, clip nails, etc.
  • Helps prevent injury to pet and caregiver.
  • Helps prevent pet from getting away from caregiver while medicating.
  • Less stressful on both pet and caregiver than using a towel or pillowcase.
  • Provides security and warmth when taking pet out in cold weather.
  • Provides comfort to ill animal.
  • Can be used to dry pet after bath.
  • Approximate size 15″ x 20″
  • Machine Wash Cool/Tumble Dry
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